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At 4D Strategic Consulting we offer 4 key elements of Strategic Development through consultancy and facilitation that will support the growth and development of your business. 
The Strategic Planning Process


We will work with you to identify any of the following aspects for your organisation:

Vision, Purpose and Values – A vision is a key aspect of determining where your Company wants to go in the future. We will work with you to identify your organisation’s key purpose and values and subsequently determine an aspirational and inspirational organisational vision.

Mission – A mission statement describes the here and now of an organisation. The focus of a mission statement is what is going on today and what is being done to achieve this. We can look at the current operation of your business, its purpose and use a series of tools to develop an inspiring mission statement that will be the envy of your competitors.

Strategic Objectives – We will assist in the development of your core strategic objectives, aligning them to the Company mission and vision statements. 

Strategic Plan – We will advise and guide you on the development on your strategic plan ensuring that it links with the vision, mission and objectives of your organisation.

Business Process Analysis

Business Processes – We can examine your processes to identify unnecessary touchpoints and reduce wastage in your systems.

Challenge Identification and Progression

We will work with you to identify internal and external organisational challenges and move them towards resolution. We can work with you on large complex challenges using specific tools and techniques to break these down into manageable steps for progression. 


Challenges will normally arise as a result of one or several of the following:

Business Processes 

Employee Engagement 

Stakeholder Engagement 

Stakeholder Engagement

Employee Engagement – We will work  with your employees to manage expectations, identify any issues and propose resolutions.

Stakeholder Engagement – We can work with you to complete a detailed stakeholder mapping exercise and analysis, identifying any gaps.

Additionally we can work with your stakeholders to ensure that your service offering is meeting their needs in terms of product, process and personnel, identifying any gaps .

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